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Do you think you’ve perfected your study technique? If you have, then that’s awesome! Obviously, different people will have different ways of studying. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a clue how to study, and have probably only studied for a solid 1 hour throughout their entire life.

There are, however, certain ways in which you could drastically improve your study session, as it is with my experience. Let me show you a few!

1. No Lyrics Music

Some say it’s distracting, some say it’s relaxing. Once again, it comes down to the person.

With my experience though, I find songs that have lyrics in them insanely distracting, which is why I don’t go anywhere near those songs when I need to study.

What I do put on are songs with no lyrics, or at least very little lyrics, mainly from NCS songs. From my viewpoint, they put me in the mood for studying, while simultaneously remain as white noise-the perfect balance for me.

Play musc while studying
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Classical music is another great genre of music that can help you study. One key thing to note however is that it doesn’t actually help you focus or concentrate better, but rather it puts you in a better mood to help study.

2. Write things down!

One fatal mistake students do when studying is simply re-reading the material, going nowhere near their pen. According to many of my classmates and friends, this is also their number one go-to strategy for studying.

Guys, listen. If you leave this blog post with only this one thing that I’m about to say next learnt, then you have reaped tons of value from this post- rereading is not a good way to study for tests.

Pick up your pen, get a sheet of paper, write stuff down as you go. Ruthlessly keep asking yourself questions on the material.

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What does that word mean again? How does this work? Where does this take place again?What’s the function of it again?

This is one of the sure fire ways I drill stuff into my head, and I suggest trying it out for yourself and see if it works for you too!

3. Be in the Right Environment

Your surroundings can either make or break your study session. As said in the last points, this once again depends on your preferences.

Some people might study much better with the comfort of their friends around, and hate it when they’re alone.

For me, I know that I simply cannot study with other people around me, and that I need my own room with my own thoughts.

Studying in library
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Try make your surroundings as ideal as possible to study (perhaps get some stuff out of the way, close some blinds, etc). Many people will feel that something as small as closing a curtain couldn’t possibly affect their studying, as all they have to do is ignore it.

The truth is, however, that small disturbance could very well manifest itself into a strong, nagging feeling, making it near impossible to study!

Check out this really cool blog post if you want some help deciding what locations are ideal for you, and specifically for you, to study in 🙂

4. Understand what you’re trying to learn!

I’ll keep this final point as short and as concise as possible-understand what it is you’re trying to learn!

I was honestly shocked when I learned how many of my friends didn’t actually know what they were trying to study, and so just tried frantically memorising it the night before a test.

Sure, most people have a decent memory and will probably do alright if they just do that the night before a small class test.

From experience, however, I’ve learned that this is not good in the long run. For small class tests? Sure, do you. For big, important, end-of-the-year exams? You’ll get massacred.

This is why I urge every student reading this to learn as they go! Understand what’s being taught to you, then try remembering it.

If you feel like you’re having struggles even understanding the material, then it might be worthwhile to check out this post on using a special technique to understand any concept!

All in all, it always comes down to having the motivation, drive, and willpower to even start studying. And to those people who do, you all have my sincere respect! To those who don’t, I encourage you to find it! Put on not too distracting music, pick up your pen, be aware of your surroundings, and understand what you’re studying to reap the full benefits of a good study session!

Got a question? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it! If you like this type of content, be sure to subscribe to the blog!

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