3 Essential Tips on How To Never Give Up

I’ll admit, studying is tough. It’s hard work, it’s demanding, and it certainly drains you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why giving up is so appealing. It stops the stress, the anxiety, and all the exhaustion.It’s only human that we consider a safer, less excruciating option when given choices to pursue something.

Now, whenever you feel like giving up on a productive activity, for example going to the gym or studying, whenever you feel like you’ve been beaten and want to wave the white flag and give in,I won’t stop you. Instead, I’ll merely advise you to remember these few tips before you throw the towel 🙂

1. Glance at the Possible Futures

Advice on how to persevere through hardships and not give up
Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Every single choice you’ve ever made in your life has led you to this exact moment, reading this blog article written by a 16 year old student. Think about that for a moment.

Every single day we make choices that ultimately affect the making of our futures. Wether it be finishing that last piece of homework, or that one set in gym, all of our choices matter.

Have a think about what giving up right now, right here, would do to your future self. Would it damage you? Would it help you? Will it affect your life? Will it affect your friends and family? How could it affect you?

I remember back in my first year of high school I was studying for a German test. I was supposed to revise one more page of vocabulary, but decided to drop it and call it a day, as I was too tired. On the day of the major test, I stumbled upon a never before seen word in the reading comprehension section that was crucial in securing some juicy marks. I didn’t know what it was, couldn’t answer it, and later received a C on the test, just 3 marks off a B. Later that night, after I was given a brutal talking to by my parents about how bad my German has become, I found out that the critical word I missed out on in the reading comp was on the page of vocabulary I was supposed to study the night before the test. And yes, had I answered the question I would’ve been able to reach that B.

I’ve never forgiven myself since, which is why I urge you to finish what you aimed to do in the first place, no matter how small/seemingly irrelevant the activity may be, as it will always mold you into a better person.

2. Keep your Eyes on the Prize

Very cliche, I know, but honestly this is for me the best and most useful phrase I say to myself every time I feel like giving up on something.

It’s reminding yourself to focus on the long term goals, the things you first set your eyes on that made you want to start this in the first place.

Feeling like having a quick glance at your Instagram feed in the middle of a study session? Try remember why you’re studying in the first place. To get good grades? Try remember what you want to use them for. To get into college and learn the skills needed to get your dream job and support your own family? Then put your head down and get back to work!

3. Get ahead of your rivals!

Somewhere out there, there are other people similar to you, with their eyes locked on the same prize as you, working just as hard or even harder than you to achieve them. The world doesn’t stop for anyone.

Beat your rivals, crush the competition, prove you can come out on top

People have told me I’m too competitive, which I proudly agree with. People have also told me that that’s a bad thing and I should relax a bit, which I’m hesitant to do.

I believe competition is the best way to motivate yourself to do something. Woouldn’t it be absolutely splendid if you could crush your rivals while they’re relaxing and not doing anything and you’re furiously getting ahead of them?

Sure, many people will say that this isn’t applicable in studying. Well, is there anyone in your class who you have a strong distaste for? Try imagining them as your rival, or you can even try challenging the smartest person in the class.

Please be aware that you should never brag about your achievements, that’s just plain arrogance and shows severe insecurity within a person. Celebrate everytime you beat your rival but keep it to yourself.

Giving up always seems like such n easy option. Don’t do it, persevere, and many good things will surely come your way very soon 🙂

Need just a bit more motivation? Here are some pretty useful articles I read that helped me write this:




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