Hi friends,

My name is Billy, a high school student currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I have a passion in many things, including music, games, studying, and generally learning new things. Every time I learn something new, or experience something for the first time, I feel the world becomes a more interesting, fun place.

What’s this blog about? Good question. I’ve already made a post outlining this blog’s purpose, but essentially there’s a few reasons.

Firstly, I wish to share with you all my passions and experiences. I truly believe in keeping an open mind to everything, and heavily encourage learning new things. It is my fervent wish that the things I talk about in this blog may one day prove useful to someone, somewhere. If I can improve just one person’s life, or certain aspect of their life, in any way possible, I feel like I will have fulfilled a purpose.

Hopefully, I can also improve my writing style through this blog, as well as get better at outlining my thoughts on matters. This is purely a personal blog, and something that I will try make my future self proud and grateful for starting.

I will actively try to be as engaging as I can with everyone in this community;and whether it be criticism, praise, or simple feedback, I appreciate every single one of you for giving this website a chance.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! Hopefully I can see some of you later in the blog 🙂

If you like my posts, make sure to follow the blog and I’ll notify you whenever a new post drops; or you can just follow the blog on Twitter @TheRebelliousS2 !

Credit to @fortune_abstract for the amazing photography work!

(Yeah, that’s me lol)

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